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The 2006 suzanne awards announcements!

You can find the actual entries and completele videos from the 2006 Blender Conference and Suzanne Awards here:
The Blender Conference movies page
The Blender Conference Festival page

This page shows you only what was done to make the announcements of the nominated videos.


Voice over
Ischa Noteboom

Job Hulshoff

The monster model

Voice over technician
Sander Eliasberg

Gijs van den Boom

Checkers model

Image downloads

Invaluable support

Everthing else
Dolf Veenvliet

About the process

A project like this is always a good excuse to do some experiments and collaborations.
Thus I decided early on to ask a photographer to take a series of photos for compositing.

Job went to a garage building in Delft and took some amazing shots!

Also Derek (BgDM) was kind enough to donate the monster model, which is just awesome, though he likes very complicated lighting.
In it’s original state the model was lit by a bunch of area lamps which looked great, but the rendertime was too long for animations.
So sadly I had to redo a lot of materials, hoping Derek wouldn’t mind.

I spent a lovely evening in a professional audio studio with Ischa and Sander to record the voiceovers.
It’s always good to spend a little time away from your normal environment.

I did all the animations in 5 days… that’s 3 sequences per day… which is really nuts, but deadlines are just always like that.

Most of the lighting/masking/camera matching is guesswork, which I wouldn’t do again, but I think it turned out ok for something that was done very very quick.

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