selection to view cursor

This script moves your current selection to the cursor relative to the current view.



This script is written for blender 2.45

Loading the script

If you don’t know how to use scripts read this page.

Running the script

There are no settings for this script. It acts on your currently active object, or if you are in edit mode on the verts in your mesh.

Of course you can just open the script in your text window, but I find it’s nicer from the menus. If you added the script to your scripts folder it shows up in the Object menu of your 3d view as well so you can just select it there.

But since you may also want it to be in the mesh menu I made a second version. This second version is exactly the same as the original, but with a different header.

You can download that version by clicking here: (put that in your scripts folder as well)

If you did you’ll find it in the Mesh menu as well

The practial use of the script

Lets give a small practical example. Say I have two suzannes in my scene like this.

They have completely different positions, but now lets say that I want them right next to each other. So I put the cursor at the position of the left monkey by doing the normal “cursor to selection” (ctrl+s).

Now if I would select the other suzanne and did a “selection to cursor” their positions would be completely identical… and that’s not what I want… so I go into side view and run the script.

And this is the result as seen from the side.

But if we go to the front view you can see they are still next to each other (the x position of the second suzanne is not influensed, since that was the view vector). And we can do this from any angle, it doesn’t have to be just the front or side.

And we can do this with verts in a mesh as well! Think of it as a tool to align things!

That’s it for now.. I hope it’s as useful to you as it is to me.

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