project cursor

This script places the cursor at the intersection of the vertex normals of selected vertexes.



This script is written for blender 2.45 but should work with older versions as well

Loading the script

If you don’t know how to use scripts read this page.


There are no settings for the script.
Simply select the required verts in your mesh and run the script.

Here’s an example of what I use the script for

Here we have part of a uvsphere and neither the object centre nor the cursor are where the centre of the full sphere would be.


Now say that you wanted to move or resize this mesh as if it was a full sphere.
You’d normally put the cursor at the centre of the sphere, but this won’t work here.

So we select a bunch of verts and run the script… see where the cursor ends up?


Now the cursor is where it would be if we set it to the centre if the sphere were full!

Remember that it uses vertex normals… so in this case… you don’t want to select the outer edge of the mesh… cause we really don’t know where those vert normals point.

That’s all

Nothing much to it… but usefull. Enjoy…

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