normal smooth

This script is an alternative to the mesh smooth function in blender.

The mesh smooth function in blender uses only vertex position.
This script uses vertex normals, which is why it’s called normal smoothing.

In version 6 the code has been cleaned (versions 2, 3, and 4 were never released).
The script now no longer needs you to have part of the mesh selected, and part unselected.
So you can run it on an entire mesh, but it still works best for a few edge loops/verts.
I also solved the cases in which it made ‘flat surfaces’ “wavy”.
You may need more iterations than in older versions.



This script is written for blender 2.45 but should work with older versions as well

Loading the script

If you don’t know how to use scripts read this page.

Example meshes the script was used on (parts of them)



Before we get going…. Here is a comparison between blender’s internal function and the script.



There is only one setting which shows up in a popup when you run the script.


The number of iterations is the total ammount of times the script will run one after the other… normally a value of one or two is enough.


Select the verticles you want smoothed and run the script.

Pre script example:


Post script example:


That’s it

That’s all for now… I hope someone can help solve the large area issue… untill then it’s already quite usefull to me 😉

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