festival 2008

This is the complete video made to announce the 2008 Blender Conference Animation Festival. You can find the nominated/viewed works from the festival here. The videos of the presentations can be found here. A personal message. This year I had planned to do something very simple, by myself because I had very little time to prepare, and […]

festival 2007

This is the completed Petunia video made to announce the 2007 Blender Conference Suzanne awards. Find out more about the conference and awards, and download the HD version of the video here  If you want to download the little robot model and play with him yourself, go visit: www.projectpetunia.org On a personal note I want to say thank […]

festival 2006

The 2006 suzanne awards announcements! You can find the actual entries and completele videos from the 2006 Blender Conference and Suzanne Awards here: The Blender Conference movies page The Blender Conference Festival page This page shows you only what was done to make the announcements of the nominated videos. Credits Voice over Ischa Noteboom Photography […]