festival 2006

The 2006 suzanne awards announcements! You can find the actual entries and completele videos from the 2006 Blender Conference and Suzanne Awards here: The Blender Conference movies page The Blender Conference Festival page This page shows you only what was done to make the announcements of the nominated videos. Credits Voice over Ischa Noteboom Photography […]

really big render

This script helps you render to sizes so large that blender can’t normally handle them. Downloads ReallyBigRender.2.1.py ReallyBigRender.2.py ReallyBigRender.1.py Requirements This script is written for Blender 2.47, but should work in older versions. If you want to use the new Composite function you need to have a full python install and the PIL library. You […]

raytrace baker

Important information Be aware that baking has been added to blender’s souce! This basicly means that this script has become outdated. Find the official information about it here. I will keep this script online, but I won’t be updating it Blender Raytrace Baker Originally written by macouno 31-05-2005 (current release version 16-07-2006 for blender 2.42) […]

project cursor

This script places the cursor at the intersection of the vertex normals of selected vertexes. Downloads ProjectCursor.2.py ProjectCursor.1.py Requirements This script is written for blender 2.45 but should work with older versions as well Loading the script If you don’t know how to use scripts read this page. Usage There are no settings for the script. […]

old scripts

This is a collection of smaller and older scripts that don’t really need a page of their own for now. If you don’t know how to use scripts read this page. Panorama maker This script lets you render cylindrical and cubic panoramas BGC.0.0.8.py Camera Field of view This script helps you set the blender camera to […]

normal smooth

This script is an alternative to the mesh smooth function in blender. The mesh smooth function in blender uses only vertex position. This script uses vertex normals, which is why it’s called normal smoothing. In version 6 the code has been cleaned (versions 2, 3, and 4 were never released). The script now no longer needs you to have […]