really big render

This script helps you render to sizes so large that blender can’t normally handle them. Downloads Requirements This script is written for Blender 2.47, but should work in older versions. If you want to use the new Composite function you need to have a full python install and the PIL library. You […]

raytrace baker

Important information Be aware that baking has been added to blender’s souce! This basicly means that this script has become outdated. Find the official information about it here. I will keep this script online, but I won’t be updating it Blender Raytrace Baker Originally written by macouno 31-05-2005 (current release version 16-07-2006 for blender 2.42) […]

project cursor

This script places the cursor at the intersection of the vertex normals of selected vertexes. Downloads Requirements This script is written for blender 2.45 but should work with older versions as well Loading the script If you don’t know how to use scripts read this page. Usage There are no settings for the script. […]

pivot constraint

This script helps you to use a bone in an armature as an animated pivot point. It can be very helpfull in making things like a heel/toe rig for a foot. Downloads PivotConstraintExample.blend Requirements This script is written for blender versions newer than 2.45 Loading the script If you don’t know how to use scripts read this […]

second 3d scan

To continue my efforts at scanning with the free DAVID 3d scanning software I decided to go for something a bit more interesting. See the baby steps page for the very basics and a link to the DAVID software. What I’m trying to achieve here Ok on the First scan page you might have seen I scanned […]

first 3d scan

On this page I’ll try to keep track of my experimentations with 3d laser scanning. I am using the freely available “DAVID” application. David is a free program that you can download from here. It will be going commercial at some point but for now it’s still free. To run the software you need windows and […]

festival 2008

This is the complete video made to announce the 2008 Blender Conference Animation Festival. You can find the nominated/viewed works from the festival here. The videos of the presentations can be found here. A personal message. This year I had planned to do something very simple, by myself because I had very little time to prepare, and […]

festival 2007

This is the completed Petunia video made to announce the 2007 Blender Conference Suzanne awards. Find out more about the conference and awards, and download the HD version of the video here  If you want to download the little robot model and play with him yourself, go visit: On a personal note I want to say thank […]